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About us

Swundy is a Swiss based start-up, mastering the discovery, promotion and distribution of products coming from Innovating Artists in the area of Jewelry, Paintings and Hand Crafting.

For Jewelry, we wander the globe to find unique, creative and meaningful designs to bring from elsewhere into Europe.

We continuously seek to find and hand-pick new brands that have the power to portray the passion of their makers. Our first ingredient to success has been fully based on making unique friends (jewelers) to import a design that awes our entire supply chain, starting from ourselves down to the bearer of the chosen  ‘piece-of-art’ .Our  second ingredient lies in carefully branding and promoting each brand accordingly to it’s original identity.

Here below you will find some of the stories of the brands we have the pleasure of representing:

Mercedes Salazar – Colombia
Upon our first contact with Mercedes Salazar their team and product, Swundy’s founder Carlos SW knew he had found a brand that fully encompassed Swundy’s vision.

Mercedes Salazar is a philosophy, not a brand, of unique hand-crafted items that connect it’s bearer to another identity. The Aura that is felt from the brand radiates around you as soon as you wear one of her pieces.

A reason that gives Mercedes Salazar this unique and ever-so-visible glow is her connection to nature and in her caring considerate character. Mercedes Salazar has been working hard to preserve antique pre-Columbian indigenous tribes’ hand-crafting techniques and uses various raw materials that each tell their story.

Ana Cristina Bojanini – Colombia

Bojanini is an extroverted artist born in Barranquilla, Colombia where she studied arts and who in 2007 she received a prize of   artistic creativity in Colombia.  The pillars of her work are discipline, creativity, versatility and originality.

She stamps her creative, authentic and colorful paintings into designs cups, cup holders, dining table accessories, notebooks, glasses, sculptures, cushions, etc. She started as a painter and then used her paints to create objects with lithographic images stamped. Each piece expresses her emotions and love for her cultural roots: Colombian Caribbean culture.

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